There is a better way to engage influencers and automatically collect the Post and Stories from your campaign, along with all the Instagram insights
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How does a free trial work?

Socialpeeks exist to save you time. Which is why we have designed the worlds easiest FREE TRIAL process.  Simply fill out the form above and a Socialpeeks representative will respond to answer any questions you might have and set you up with your free Socialpeeks trial account.



Campaign Trial Support

Let’s face it, agencies and marketers are commonly the busiest people in any organization. The last thing you need is software that creates more pain than it removes.  We couldn't agree more. Socialpeeks is  automated campaign tracking software, so you no longer need to worry about when influencer post or ask them to email you screenshots. If you have any issues, Socialpeeks representatives are here to personally help you out with your trial campaign.

How will I be supported:



Frequently Asked Questions


What do I need?

To use Socialpeeks you need the login to an Instagram Business account linked to a Facebook Business account. Most agencies simply use the login of their corporate Instagram account. 

*Why do I need this?

Facebook insists that anyone accessing the Graph API must have Facebook & Instagram business accounts.

Will this work with in type of Instagram account?

NO.  Instagram insights are only available for individuals who have Instagram Business OR Instagram Creator accounts. Private or public accounts simply do not get Instagram insights. We encourage all collaborators to have an Instagram Business or Creator account if they are going to work on a formal marketing campaign.  

How long is the trial?

Our campaign trial runs 21 days.  This gives you ample time to set things up, and engage your influencers. Should you require a longer trial please speak with a Socialpeeks representative.

Why take advantage of the Socialpeeks Instagram Campaign Trial?

Socialpeeks takes you behind the curtain of Instagram to give you the campaign data you need from each of your Influencers. By taking advantage of the Socialpeeks trial, you can get access to the Influencers' Instagram Business or Creator  account information you need:

  • True Instagram results for both posts and stories
  • Engagement statistics on Instagram stories
  • Automatically capture campaign-related posts and stories into a campaign gallery
  • Track engagement with your clients Instagram account throughout the duration of the campaign