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Social Listening

Social Listening

Use hashtags, keywords, and account analyses to find the perfect influencers across Twitter and Instagram. The Socialpeeks software grabs live data so your influencer search could increase each day.


Influencer Discovery

Find the perfect influencers with advanced filter sets. View influencer reporting and engagement in your influencer lists for optimal discovery.

Influencer Lists

Campaign tracking

We track influencer posts and real marketing results so you don't have to. Engage & recruit influencers for your perfect campaign and we'll give you the templates to track all of your results.

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Save time manually finding influencers

Searching for the perfect influencers to represent your brand takes a lot of trust, time, and commitment. Use social listening (think casting a net) to search across over 750 million Twitter and Instagram posts. Follower reports also allows you to analyze your accounts and the accounts of your closest competitors or similar social media profiles.
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Manage your influencers right in the platform

Follow your campaign progress with detailed notes, ratings, and influencer overviews right in your influencer lists. Don't miss out on deadlines or campaign notes with detailed features to keep up with the status of influencer outreach, engagement and posts between your team members.
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Get the results you've been waiting for

Not only will you see a bump in important marketing metrics, you walk away with mind-blowing influencer-generated content and a qualified audience to remarket to. Campaigns run with the Socialpeeks software have been shown to deliver a 9x ROI. Don't believe us? Ask how today.

They have been great to work with! I have not come across an influencer marketing platform like Socialpeeks which allows for constant updating and "finding" people without direct input.

Shanae Vander Togt Cober Solutions

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