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Socialpeeks puts marketers in the driver's seat of their Instagram Influencer campaigns

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Simplified influencer Outreach

Socialpeeks invites allow you to easily brief influencers and collect all the critical information you need in one place 

  • Customized campaign invites so you can brief every influencer consistently
  • Collect and save all influencer rates and capabilities
  • Add personal and team notes to influencers files so you can collaborate to approve the best influencers 
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Content Collection

Campaign Content Gallery

Socialpeeks automatically collects all your Instagram influencer’s posts and stories 

  • No more download or screenshots 
  • Add any missing Instagram Stories manually to your campaign report long after they have disappeared.
  • Track all influencer stories and post in real time. Know exactly when all their content has been delivered

Instant Campaign Reports

Socialpeeks collects all your influencer’s campaign results instantly

  • Live reporting on all Instagram Post and Stories
  • Analyze the Instagram Insights for each and every piece of campaign content.
  • Ongoing reporting for the entire campaign as well as influencer by influencer comparisons
Campaign Reporting

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