Socialpeeks Has the Blueprint for a Successful Micro-influencer Marketing Campaign

We take care of all the hard work. Human-vetted micro-influencers.

Start here: Design & Create

We start any well executed campaign with a well executed design. This includes campaign logisitcs, including incentives (in form of monetary value or goods... you decide), influencer requirements, brand requirements and more. Our recruitment team will bridge the gap between your brand and everyday influencers so you don't have to!

Next step: Influencer Discovery

Using specific #hashtags, keywords, @mentions and lighthouse account analyses, we can find hundreds of candidates for your next campaign. Campaign Conceirgeā„¢ includes up to 10 discovered and recruited influencers. We find optimal influencers who fit your brand and even human-vet the candidate so you can rely on the campaign management team's discretion.

Next Step: Engage & Recruit

We build genuine relationships with influencers on behalf of your brand to save you the time crafting the message, making it personalized and communicating the campaign logistics. Our team of humans personally engages and recruits influencers with unique and personalized messaging.

Next step: Execute

Executing a seamless Influencer Marketing campaing isn't that hard... when you're us. Our team of kickass humans know how these brand relationships work. We have the answers too all of their questions and better yet, we enjoy organizing it all and seeing the best ROI for your campaign. With previous campaigns generating a 9x ROI, our benchmarks and expectations are high.

Next step: Measure & Optimize

We provide full campaign reporting. We're happy to work with third-party tools to track your results (i.e. promo codes, ticket sales, Google Analytics, etc.) and optimize the progress of your campaign. With advanced reporting, we provide the 'not-so-obvious' metrics that you can benefit from after the campaign.