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We’ve created Socialpeeks as a complete product that allows you to discover, compare, and rank influencers. But that’s only half the battle. Engaging those influencers also requires a strategy, and a lot of time! We can become your partner, and offer on-boarding, training, ongoing support, brainstorming sessions, and even campaign execution.

We’re here to help you drive your influencer marketing campaigns – whatever that means to you. Our software is offered on a flat-rate subscription basis. Run as many campaigns as you’d like!

If you decide you’d like more support in coming up with campaign ideas, or reaching out to influencers, we’ll understand your goals, and come up with a solution that works for you.

Yup, you read that right. We're offering all you daring people a freemium account to test the waters. You can upgrade at any time, so don't feel limited by the #'s.
5,000 Twitter mentions
5,000 Instagram mentions
1 Twitter Follower Report
50 influencer dossiers
1 user
In-app messaging support
Socialpeeks Campaign Conceirge
Influencer Marketing doesn't have to be a pain in the @$$."...introducing the Socialpeeks Campaign Bundle, an easy way to start your first campaign.
Access to 3 months PRO account, plus:
Full campaign design
Up to 10 discovered and human-vetted influencers
Up to 10 recruited influencers
24/7 email & phone support
Assigned customer success rep
For all your avid Influencer Marketing peeps, this is the package for you. Are you an agency or have ongoing campaigns? This subscription allows you to do it all!
Everything in Freemium, plus:
1,000,000 Twitter mentions
1,000,000 Instagram mentions
50 Follower reports
Unlimited influencer dossiers
5 users
*All prices are in USD

100% guaranteed, or your money back.

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We understand that every brand, agency, and campaign is different. Let’s discuss your options and find the best suited package for your brand today.